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RE: [IP] What would you do?

I have been on the OmniPod since 2/10.  At first I had a lot of failures and
then I went months and months with no failures or problems other than what I
myself caused by bumping it etc.

In August I got a new shipment and I had 12 pod failures in 4-6 weeks.  They
were all from 2 boxes.  I'm on another new box and have not had a problem.

I do believe that there was a manufacturing problem in there somewhere or
being shipped in the 100+ degree heat of August in Texas or someone hexed me
or or or or.

Insulet has always cheerfully and without question replaced any pod that I
reported as bad.  They have never asked for me to return any.

I'm concerned about 2 1/2 years from now when I go on Medicare, which
doesn't cover the OmniPods.  I'm not sure I can deal with tubing since I'm a
little klutzy.

I always carry a spare pod if I will be away from the house for more than
just an hour or so.  

Could it be that you got a bad box of pods?  Have they all been the same
problem or the same error code.  Has Insulet customer service offered any

Nora Nevers
T2 11/92, OmniPod 2/10

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