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[IP] What would you do?

Ive been on the OmniPod since March, my old Cozmo finally died, forcing me
to switch. While the OmniPod hasnt been ideal it does have some good
features, like the fact that its tubeless.

Alas its had more than the acceptable amount of failures, to include 2 when
I was more than 1 = hours from home. Now I carry an insulin pen with me for
the next time the pump/pod fails.

I want to get another pump. This one causes much stress and my HGA1c has
gone from 6.8 to 7.1. But  heres the catch. OmniPod wont allow me to
return it and get my money back. Not even just my deductible. Its past the
45 days. Even though they admit Ive had more than the acceptable amount of
failures. (Both pod and pdm).

So, I have this pdm, and a LOT of pods, that I dont trust on myself. I need
something reliable. I am even considering going back to shots. Since the FDA
is in hold-up with any pumps and the DexCom CGM, Im nervous about moving to
a new pump. Id kinda like to go back to MiniMed  but their CGM scares me
quite frankly. I did a trial with Dexcom and I like it, but it didnt
compare to the wonders of the Navigator, but that it not an option anymore.
I really dont want to sink more money.

So  what would YOU do? I need options. And quite frankly Im very tired of
fighting, blood sugars AND pump companies.

Please pumpers, help!!!

Tracy F
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