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Re: [IP] Re: unavoidable statins

 Many Thanks to Valerie, RoseLea, Annabella, Paul and Laura for the supportive

 Annabella, I think that more people should do as you do and rediscover their
kitchen. If we learned to shop the perimeter of the supermarkets (where the
basic ingredients are) and minimize the use of the interior aisles, I think we
would see an improvement in health. As Valerie commented on the value of food
versus drugs, I see my kitchen as my pharmacy, and try to minimize trips to CVS
and Walgreens.

 Paul, I also applaud you for standing your ground on the statin issue. They
also told me that the standards for diabetics were different than everyone else.
Whatever you eventually decide to do, it sounds like it will be your decision,
not your doctor's.

 If your doctor has not approached you about taking a statin, chances are it is
only a matter of time. No diabetic wants to suffer a heart attack or most
certainly die from one. So if I may relate a personal story, that I rarely share
these days because it still upsets me, my hope is it may save someone.

 Long term members to IP may remember that 16 years ago I suffered a heart
attack. I remember feeling a sense of "this cannot be happening to me". As the
helicopter flew above the city landscape, I had enough strength to peer out the
window. My fear of heights left me because I thought I was going to die. The
helicopter landed on the roof of the hospital and I was rushed down the hall to
the operating room where an angioplasty was performed, followed by a week long
stay in the hospital.

 How did I end up in this situation? I know today that it was my own lack of
discipline in managing my diabetes. I know that the advice that my doctor gave
me at that time was incompetent. He told me he just wanted to see all his
patients get their A1C below 10. Mine varied from 9 to 13, providing a lot of
oxidative stress. I know that I tried to live the low fat message and if I did
eat any fat, it was one of the industrial oils that I now know was a mistake. I
know that I did not take ownership of my health and relied instead on the advice
of the medical system.

 After the heart attack, the same doctor blamed long standing diabetes as the
cause of the heart attack and told me that cholesterol caused CVD and I should
go on a statin. I resisted and told him to give me 6 months to try and fix my
cholesterol through diet and exercise. I went home, cut out the butter and other
saturated fats and continued eating all the vegetable oils. Six months later my
cholesterol had not budged and I was on a statin ever since. Due to the heart
attack, I was also on a maximum dose of a beta blocker and blood pressure
medication. The beta blocker slowed my resting heart rate to 57 bpm. Any kind of
physical exertion was difficult because the beta blocker would not let my heart
respond. The doctors eventually would also progressively move me from Zestril to
Zocor to Pravachol, as I suffered the muscle pain side effects of statin use. I
was definitely in the hamster cage/ treadmill.

 By this time I now had a computer, got on the internet and began researching. I
started carb counting, went on to MDI and eventually pumping. I complained to
the doctor that I had no quality of life due to the beta blocker. They decreased
the dosage and a few years later I requested that I cease the beta blocker
completely, which rid me of that medication. I have always believed eating as
naturally as possible and found out traditional fats like butter, coconut, palm
and olive oil were better than what I was using at the time. Industrial oils
were banned from my kitchen/ pharmacy. In this last year, I also threw out my
last bottle of canola oil when I found out that most canola today is GMO.

 The statin question kept bugging me and when I stopped letting other people
think for me and I did my own peer review and looked at ALL the evidence, I
could not reconcile any value for me staying on the drug. To accept the theory
that cholesterol causes CVD, I would also have to believe that God built us to
self destruct. Our bodies naturally produce cholesterol and if that source
didn't kill us, He put it in our foods as well to make sure it killed us.

 Since the research showed that statins have never been proven to help CVD
mortality in women, I notified the female members of my family. The Weston Price
link I provided earlier shows a disclaimer that Lipitor has on its label that
states that it has NOT been proven to prevent heart disease or heart attacks. So
why does anyone take Lipitor?

 Today the only pill I take is for blood pressure. So I am not completely out of
the cage, but I feel I am more in control of my health more than ever. My
decision to end statins is a life and death decision for me, having been
previously diagnosed with heart disease. If I am wrong, I will be dead in a few
years, but I am hoping that the dietary changes I have made will help me to
recover. If I am right, I may have made one of the better decisions of my life.

Hopefully my experience will help someone to avoid the mistakes I have made.
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