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Re: [IP] waterproof case for Paradigm

>  When I was diving one thing I was taught (and reiterated by
>  experience) was
> the need to double check everything. Although all my equipment was
> certified waterproof you need to check every time you go into the
> water for bad seals, hairline cracks, etc. just because it is
> waterproof when it leaves the factory it does not mean it will still
> be waterproof when you go into water. I had the battery replaced in my
> dive watch. Three weeks later when I went diving I had forgotten about
> it. I got down about 25 feet and noticed the watch had nicely filled
> with water. That was a $300 lesson. I would be more worried about my
> $5000 pump.

Pumps are NOT waterproof. Read the specs. They are generally water 
"resistant" to 6 feet or so for a half hour or so. That is a lot 
different than a water"proof" watch that will tolerate immersion at 
300 feet for days. Don't confuse the two. What it means for a pump is 
that it should not die if you drop it in the toilet, take a hot tub 
or shower with your pump on. Swimming and diving with a pump is a bad 
idea that could cost $5,000 - $6,000


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> I have an Animas pump and use minimed's waterproof Sportsguard.
> I use it a couple times a week.  On very rare occasions, the case will
> leak. I think that is because the tubing isn't quite in the right spot
> to seal the hole.  Even though my pump is waterproof, I love to use
> the sportsgard because then I don't have to worry about the pump at
> all.
> JW
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