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RE: [IP] waterproof case for Paradigm

 When I was diving one thing I was taught (and reiterated by experience) was
the need to double check everything. Although all my equipment was certified
waterproof you need to check every time you go into the water for bad seals,
hairline cracks, etc. just because it is waterproof when it leaves the
factory it does not mean it will still be waterproof when you go into water.
I had the battery replaced in my dive watch. Three weeks later when I went
diving I had forgotten about it. I got down about 25 feet and noticed the
watch had nicely filled with water. That was a $300 lesson. I would be more
worried about my $5000 pump.

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I have an Animas pump and use minimed's waterproof Sportsguard.


I use it a couple times a week.  On very rare occasions, the case will leak.
I think that is because the tubing isn't quite in the right spot to seal the
hole.  Even though my pump is waterproof, I love to use the sportsgard
because then I don't have to worry about the pump at all.


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