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Re: [IP] Insurance Increase for 2010

My husband carries the insurance in our family as I am self employed.  
Earlier this year he was laid off from his job in the auto industry  
and we were lucky to have find another job within a few months. With  
this new job, the insurance premiums are about the same, $189 every  
week which includes an extra $12 a week for basic dental.
However, this new policy we just found out does not offer me anywhere  
near what we have for coverage with his last employer. My pump  
supplies now fall under prosthetic devices and has a $1500 deductible  
per year / $4000 per a family. The prior policy had no deductable. RX  
has my insulin as a $50 per a month co pay which over all I am  
greatfull for as I do use 7-8 bottles per a month. I spoke to BC/ BS  
yesterday and learned I can get the pump supplies under my RX mail  
order but it would be $150 for each product every 3 months as they  
would be at the highest co pay which is  $75 a month or $150 for 3  
months from the mail order. A small savings to a point but then we  
would still have the deductible to cover for other things during the  
Still I am greatful to have any coverage as when we were without I did  
not know what we would do.

Mom of 4 Ashley 18. Becky 17. Travis 12 and Ian 5.  Type 1 1992,  
pumping since 1999

On Oct 1, 2009, at 8:52 PM, Kevin O'Heren wrote:

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> As a teacher in Maryland, my school pays 90% of our insurance and we  
> pay 10%
> ($89 every 2 weeks for my family of 4).  Mine covers just about  
> everything.
> Doctor visits are $5 copay, drugs are $5 generic and $10 name brand  
> for 30day
> supplies and $10/$30 for 90day (Mail order). My infusion sets,  
> resevoirs, CGMS
> sensors and all other related supplies are under my DME coverage so  
> there is
> NO COPAY.  It is one of the little perks of being a teacher.  It  
> still does
> not make up for the low pay and lack of respect from kids and  
> parents, but I
> can not complain about my insurance coverage.
> .
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