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RE: [IP] Silhouettes--differnet connection

At 10:50 AM 10/1/2009, Jamie Anderson wrote:
>I have a question for those of you who use Silhouettes.  Minimed isn't
>open right now so they can't help me.  I ordered some silhouettes from
>our mail order pharmacy.  We had used them several years ago but not for
>quite some time.  We use paradigm pumps and always have.  The sites
>come, and something is very different.  The end of the tubing that needs
>to hook on the reservoir is very different. It doesn't even match up and
>there is no way to hook it up.  I called the pharmacy and they said
>whatever they have is new product and there are only two choices for
>Silhouettes, the short and the long tubing.  I thought maybe they gave
>me supplies for an older style pump, but they say no......can anyone
>explain this to me?

There are two main choices for Sils, Paradigm and Luer Lock.  Sounds 
like you got the Luer Lock ones which will not fit on the standard 
Paradigm reservoir.  I would call the Pharmacy and tell them they 
gave you the Luer Lock sets by mistake and you need the Paradigm 
ones.  It sounds to me like the Pharmacy is confused.  You can find 
the product numbers and info for Sils here:


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