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Re: [IP] Insurance Increase for 2010

At 02:01 AM 10/1/2009, Stacey P. Martin wrote:
>Wow, that's cheap for a family insurance plan.  The insurance I have 
>through my employer costs just under $400 for a single person, and I 
>pay half of that.  Family insurance is about $1000 at my workplace 
>and the company only pays half a single person's amount so most of 
>that family cost falls on the employee.  If I didn't get insurance 
>through work, I'd be out of luck because of various pre=existing 
>conditions and the cost.  I blame this on the insurance companies 
>getting away with murder.

I agree.  The new individual policy offered by my insurance for two 
people my and my husband's age is $1,300 a month.  This plan covers 
mostly everything at a 30% co-pay with a $1,000/$2,000 deductible and 
prescriptions at 50% co-pay.  Our current policy, which is no longer 
offered, is $300 per month but doesn't cover many things like 
prescriptions, doctor office visits and maintenance care.  Everything 
it does cover after deductible is at a 30% co-pay.

I'd still like to know what kind of coverage he has for $458 a 
month.  I'd bet it's a lot better than what I have, and I would be 
thrilled to have it and pay that premium.

>The business model is just wrong for dealing with healthcare.  The 
>business model says that insurance companies should charge as much 
>as they can and give as little as they can.  That means that the 
>insurance company wants to deny as much as they can in terms of 
>coverage because that saves them money, and they want to pay out as 
>little as possible as well.  This, in my opinions, is just the wrong 
>way to deal with healfthcare.  Under this model, an insurance 
>company would be much better off just saying we don't cover 
>diabetes.  Luckily, various governments, state and federal, have 
>rules about what has to be covered.

You got that right.  However, if the govt. only requires private 
insurance to cover pre-existing conditions with no caveats, then they 
can charge us whatever they want to cover us.  $5,000 a 
month?  $10,000 a month?  Sure, and they can say they're following 
the law and covering pre-existing.  I'm not going to get into health 
care reform, but if there's nothing to force insurance companies to 
offer insurance with decent coverage for a reasonable cost, they can 
and will do whatever they want. Just like they are now.

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