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RE: [IP] Camel's Milk

Insert Racist comment here....  But Im sorry I would tend to NOT believe
anything this nonsensical even if it didn't come from India.

The fact that its been researched in India suggests that there are likely
cultural or language differences that are confusing the issue.
The Listing of 20 units annually is the easiest to spot. There are likely

If its been recommended by the ADA how come we haven't heard of it ?  An
advanced Google search of the ADA site shows NO pages with the words camel
milk on them and only 3 pages referring to camels - all related to travel.  

According to this site http://www.cameldairy.com/CAMEL_MILK.html
It contains an insulin like protein that survives the digestive tract.  If
that were true wouldn't Lilly and other companies be all over this ?
The first insulin like protein ever found that survives the stomach ?   If
this were true how long would it take a company like lilly to make a
synthetic version?   

One more link 

" Scientists are attributing this trait of camel milk to a unique
phytonutrient (derived from plants) present in the camels' daily diet. But
they are yet to isolate this blood sugar fighting agent. Research is on.
Camel milk is also high on minerals and low on cholesterol content, compared
to cow's milk.."

Im sorry, this sounds like yet more Internet BS ...  

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 It's fun to joke about but I actually found a couple articles on this
silly idea.
This first link is from 2004
 This next link you will probably have to copy and paste into your browser.
one is from the International Journal of Diabetes indeveloping Countries


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