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Re: [IP] First day highs after a site change

> does anyone have any suggestions on what they do to counteract
> the first day highs of a site change, I seem to have my first day of a 
> site
> running high (for the first 5-6 hours), > .

I have fought this for many years. I started doing the *leave the old site 
in for a couple of hours* thing and it helped, but not cured. Instead of the 
0.5u prime to fill the canula my set calls for, my endo suggested 1.0u. It 
helped, but not cured.

Like lancets, I reuse my reservoirs. We are told to prime until we see a 
healthy drip, before inserting. That helped but did not cure. Recently for 
some reason I let the prime run for 4-5 whole units and had no troubles. Now 
I let it run that long before inserting. I recover my 20u in the tubing as 
well as 20u in the hub when reusing, therefore, do not feel I am wasting 
4-5u when letting it run. It's sure saving me several boluses to try to 
bring down 300+ each time.

I also do my changeouts before a meal bolus. I have been pumping 25 years. 

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