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RE: [IP] Questions


I also worked as an EMT-P and currently work odd hours in an ED.  The pump,
once set up and adjusted, can provide additional flexibility to your work
abilities.  Injected insulin commits you to it's actions for the duration of
it's active life, whereas a pump only commits you to the insulin already
delivered.  Most times you only have the basal amount present that has gone in
over the last 2 hours.  A small snack of high caloric food (i.e. fig newton,
bottle of juice, high carb crackers, etc...) can easily cover your residual
basal if you had to temporarily adjust the pump for a call out.  A pump can't
fix the need to think ahead and plan for your activities, but the overall
better control of long term glucose values will keep you working in your
chosen field much longer.



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I have more questions i am new to insulin and my dr  says the insulin pump is
the last resort. I thought from what the rn said it  helps anyone from newly
diagnosed people to people that have had diabetes for a  while and they said
was a good candent.  Can anyone help steer me in the  righdirection.  I am a
volley fireman  and a emt  and am afraid to taqke calls because if the call
turns bad i  drop low because of workin hard on the call. .I am so confused
what to  do? i am looking at the omni pod cozmo or the paradigm 722 real

Justin  Belden
Chief of S & S Ambulance

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