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Re: [IP] omnipod

No, when we were getting set to start up that was their normal charge  
for a backup.  Of course, we paid 100% since insurance doesn't cover a  
backup.  It was late August or early Sept of 2007 when we bought the  
backup.  There was no negotiation at the 300, but, maybe I should have.


On Oct 1, 2008, at 2:52 PM, Eric Rizzo wrote:
> Kenneth Moss wrote:
>> We use the Omnipod system and are with BCBS in TX.  I don't  
>> remember our startup costs being very high.   I think our startup  
>> costs were covered at 90%   and I know our monthly costs for  
>> Omnipod are covered at 90%.  We did spend an extra $300 and bought  
>> a backup PDM.   My son dropped his PDM on a concrete walk and broke  
>> it.  We switched to the backup PDM and Omnipod replaced the broken  
>> one free of charge.
> Same here. After a $300 deductible, my BCBS (Federal Employee PPO  
> plan) covers 90%. I always hit that deductible with my twice-yearly  
> lab work anyway, so out of pocket expenses for OmniPod (startup and  
> ongoing) is only 10% of their retail prices. And the billed PDM cost  
> was not really $800 as Insulet would like to charge, but more like  
> $500 (which is what they negotiated with BCBS if I understand  
> correctly).
> Bottom line: not counting the insulin, I pay between $1 and $2 per  
> day to use my OmniPod. And this BCBS plan is not the best insurance  
> coverage I've ever had, either. But it's good for this stuff.
> Ken, did you really get a backup PDM for only $300? Did you  
> negotiate that because it was out-of-pocket or something?
> Eric
> .
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