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Re: [IP] omnipod

Kenneth Moss wrote:
> We use the Omnipod system and are with BCBS in TX.  I don't remember our 
> startup costs being very high.   I think our startup costs were covered 
> at 90%   and I know our monthly costs for Omnipod are covered at 90%.  
> We did spend an extra $300 and bought a backup PDM.   My son dropped his 
> PDM on a concrete walk and broke it.  We switched to the backup PDM and 
> Omnipod replaced the broken one free of charge.

Same here. After a $300 deductible, my BCBS (Federal Employee PPO plan) 
covers 90%. I always hit that deductible with my twice-yearly lab work 
anyway, so out of pocket expenses for OmniPod (startup and ongoing) is 
only 10% of their retail prices. And the billed PDM cost was not really 
$800 as Insulet would like to charge, but more like $500 (which is what 
they negotiated with BCBS if I understand correctly).
Bottom line: not counting the insulin, I pay between $1 and $2 per day 
to use my OmniPod. And this BCBS plan is not the best insurance coverage 
I've ever had, either. But it's good for this stuff.

Ken, did you really get a backup PDM for only $300? Did you negotiate 
that because it was out-of-pocket or something?

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