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[IPn] SF bay area study volunteers needed

Hi Pumpers,

I've received this request for focus group participants for the SF 
Bay area from the market research organization "Interface Analysis"


Insulin dependent diabetics wanted for a study to be conducted in our 
Cupertino, CA research facility. Sessions are 90 minutes and pay $150 
cash. The next study will take from Nov 14-16. We want to learn about 
your experiences and need and what would make the ultimate diabetes 
management tool for you!

You are eligible to participate in the study, if you match any of the 
following conditions:
    * You currently use an insulin pump, or
    * You currently take multiple daily injections of insulin (at 
least 4 per day), but would consider using an insulin pump if it 
differed from the traditional pumps on the market today, or
    * You currently use the Omnipod patch pump.
The following additional attributes are desired of our study 
participants (at least one):
    * You play sports, run or otherwise participate in outdoor 
activities for which wearing a traditional insulin pump is an 
    * You sometimes prefer to wear clothing (swimsuit, summer 
clothes, formal dresses) for which wearing a traditional insulin pump 
is an inconvenience.
    * You are attracted to new technology and interested in using 
diabetes products that represent the latest technology
If interested, please respond to the ad via email or call David at 
408-834-8443 or email @ redacted Please be sure to leave a 
name and contact number, so we can get in contact with you.

Interface Analysis has been conducting consumer research at its 
Cupertino, CA location since 1993. We rigorously safeguard the 
personal information of our participants.


Your participation will help the entire diabetes community.

Michael Robinton
Executive Director
Insulin Pumpers
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website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org