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[IP] insulin pump thief (almost)

Liz Wrote:
...I woke up for some reason, and just knew something was wrong.  I  
felt something weird and looked down to my right side and I see the  
hand of the guy sitting behind me.  I turned around and he was  
leaning forward in his seat with his head resting against the back of  
my seat, and his freaking hand shoved between the seat.  I  
immediately panicked and reached for my pump and it wasn't clipped to  
my jeans.  It was unclipped and wedged between my seat & the side of  
the bus.  I turned back around and said, loudly, "Do you mind keeping  
your hands to yourself!!" and he mumbled, "Oh, sorry" and pulled his  
hand back.

Ricardo Responds:
Sorry to hear of your experience Liz. I grew up in NY and have been  
robbed several times (money, shirt, shoes, watch etc.) Thankfully you  
were on a bus and he could not do a "snatch and run".

In the Washington DC area, if you are on the subway, near a door,  
listening to your ipod, the thieves will wait until the train makes a  
stop and then snatch the ipod (yanking the device off the person) and  
run out the door, disappearing into the crowd.

The thieves are cretins and I can imagine one of them placing the  
infusion set in their ear, pushing the pump buttons and getting a  
good size bolus as they try to listen to the music on your supposed  
ipod. Your incident is another good reason to make some effort to  
keep the pump concealed.
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