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Re: [IP] insulin pump thief (almost)

When I got my first pump in 1982, even though it was the size of a 
brick, even though it didn't do anything other than pump insulin, 
Cardiac Pacemakers warned me that in some areas, drug users had 
discovered that pumps were wonderful things to use to deliver liquids 
other than insulin to the body.  But they wouldn't be able to buy 
supplies to keep running the thing, so it would only be of limited use 
to them.  But it surely would be a major inconvenience to us to be 
missing our pumps.  Denise Bricher

Elizabeth Blake wrote:
> I live in NYC.  The MTA has express buses that travel
> between Manhattan and the outer boroughs and I take
> one to/from work rather than the subway.  Tonight,
> coming home from work, my bus was late and then we got
> stuck in traffic for awhile.  Normally the bus I take
> isn't too crowded but tonight almost every seat was
> filled.  I was sitting next to the window and my pump
> was clipped to the pocket of my jeans on the right
> side.  I was really tired and since the bus was barely
> moving I fell asleep.  I woke up for some reason, and
> just knew something was wrong.  I felt something weird
> and looked down to my right side and I see the hand of
> the guy sitting behind me.  I turned around and he was
> leaning forward in his seat with his head resting
> against the back of my seat, and his freaking hand
> shoved between the seat.  I immediately panicked and
> reached for my pump and it wasn't clipped to my jeans.
>  It was unclipped and wedged between my seat & the
> side of the bus.  I turned back around and said,
> loudly, "Do you mind keeping your hands to yourself!!"
> and he mumbled, "Oh, sorry" and pulled his hand back. 
> I clipped the pump to the belt loop on the front of my
> jeans.  He *still* had his head resting against my
> seat so I pressed the button on the armrest to put the
> seat in the upright position and to force him to sit
> back.  He had leaned forward so that the person
> sitting next to him wouldn't see what he was trying to
> do.
> I'm sure the piece of sh*t had no idea what he was
> trying to steal, probably thought it was a phone or
> MP3 player.  I think that if he been successful in
> retrieving it from between the seat & wall I would
> have felt it because the tubing would have tugged at
> my site.
> I've never heard of anyone getting robbed on my bus. 
> I take naps all the time going to & from work. I see
> the same groups of people every day.  I'd never seen
> this guy before and if I do ever see him again I'll be
> sure to warn everyone that he's a thief.
> --
> Liz
> Type 1 dx 4/1987
> Minimed 715 5/2005
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