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Re: [IP] sensor training

I don't need training in it. Been using it since 10/4 with out a hitch. Just
finally getting the sensors some time today and wondered if there was a
learning period with that.  Didn't seem like there was much with the pump when
I started. Been using MM pumps for 9 years and counting.  Yeah MM told me
someone would contact me regarding training but no one has.


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From: Angela Cleversy <email @ redacted>
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Med tronic (Mini Med) sent there nurse out to my home.  She just consulted
with my doctor and set the basal amount and I have been in contact with her
and my doctor or other numerous things.  I would call the company who made
your pump and ask them what the process is for getting training on it.   I
was told to get my prescription which I already have filled with the mail
order company called Tel Drug written for a extra bottle or two.  I will get
my first order this week  and see if I use the extra or not.  She said not so
much as really taking that much insulin, but i might discard a little more
when the alarm goes off which cause me to run through more insulin.  I try to
change it as soon as I get the first warning alarm.
Warmest Regards,
Angela Cleversy

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