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[IPn] DexCon Chat Nov 1

Pumpers and Friends

DexCom Chat with Chris Magee, Director of Marketing, and Deborah 
Ruppert, Market Manager, for DexCom will be participating in an IP 
chat on the evening of Thursday November 1, 2007 at 9pm EST.  On this 
chat we will be discussing Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and 
how this  important technology for managing diabetes can help people 
today.  Chris and Deb will describe the capabilities of the newest  
CGM on theU.S. market, The Seven, and answer participants questions 
about DexCom's devices and CGM in general. With images in the chat.  

If you have any suggestions or questions for this Chat or any chat, 
email email @ redacted  I will be happy to 
forward them to the speakers.  If you miss the chat you can read it 
http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/cgi/archives/chat-transcripts/  .  

DID YOU KNOW: the chat rooms are open 24/7  and every night the is a 
chat in the anytime room?  

WHAT TOPIC WOULD YOU LIKE ?    Always open to do a chat. :-)

How to login to Chat for Insulin- Pumpers http://www.insulin-

>From Main page click on [ CHAT ] icon this will take to:
http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/chat.shtml  If you need help click on 
the Chat HELP button.

Select a chat room by clicking on box, You will get a drop-down list 
of rooms which will show the number of people currently in that room 
{Most chats are in anytime room but if IP has a guest speaker, they 
are in the [Guest] room} Pick a room to chat in by clicking on it. 
Then click on the [ GO ] button  

A [ ENTER NETWORK PASSWORD ] window will open In the User name box 
put [ your e-mail address You join IP with ] 
In the Password box put [ pumper ]  

Once room you will need to click on box to type msg. and to post it, 
click on the [ SEND/REFRESH ] box to send it. Many peoples like to 
change the refresh to 30secs and display number of msg. too.  

Once in room say Hi! If you have any problems ask the host or send 
note to [ HELP ] remember it can be fast paced at time so if you get 
over looked repost you msgs or ??? The Host will help but you need to 
ask for help.  

Please no flaming or PUMP WARS! Remember to BE NICE to one and 

Once you need to go tell us Goodbye! Some people don't like to talk a 
lot so they sit back and watch this is OK too. But try to chat you 
just may like it!!  

                    REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY

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website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org