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[IP] lows at night & being a kid with diabetes

Hi all,

I don't post often, but I had to put in my two cents worth here.  I don't 
 want to offend anyone, but maybe if you would wake up your child (teenagers,
not talking about young children) so they could test their own bg that would 
help.  I was diagnosed at 14.  The only time my mom tested my bg was for me to 
show her how to use a new meter.  She did however, wake ME up some nights when 
she would peek in and be worried.  I remember one night about a week after 
getting out of the hospital (BG at diagnosis was 1,990...what a LONG hospital 
 stay!) I woke up with her peering at me with her face maybe an inch from mine!
She told me it scared her that I might just stop breathing one night.  I know 
it's hard for parents of diabetic children and that made me feel awful. I know 
she WANTED to do things for me.  Sure, she would have been happy to come in 
and check my BG for me so my sleep wouldn't be disturbed, but I think that 
 would have been doing me a disservice at that age and SHE recognized that. My
is an awesome lady. I learned that checking (and getting up at 3am when my 
alarm went off to check my sugar) was MY responsibility...and that prepared me 
to live independently.  As far as sleeping in....the days I don't absolutely 
HAVE to get up early, I'll hit the snooze button for an hour or even two.  The 
days I know I have to be somewhere pronto...well, I haul my own butt out of my 
bed on the first alarm.  I think it's a comfort thing...maybe your kids know 
mom will take care of it, so why should they make the effort?  Again, I don't 
want to ruffle any feathers, but doing too much for your kids may not be good 
 in the long run (even though it must be hard to stand back and watch

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