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RE: [IP] Pumping Pooch


Even I can respect a well spoken opinion contrary to my own.

There is obviously more than one way to look at this and I chose the
skeptical path.  =)

I wonder if this pooch has a good health plan to cover whatever that pump
did cost.

Thanks for the direct and well spoken rebuke.  =)


--- George <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Let's look at this logically, Brent.  Pumps DON'T cost $5,000, they 
> cost whatever the insurance company negotiates it to.  Just because a 
> Rep is involved doesn't mean that the pump is free or even discounted 
> to whatever degree. Your skepticism seems to have put quite a slant 
> on the article.  But the point of it isn't how much the pump costs, 
> the point of it is that even a dog deserves a better diabetic life 
> than MDI.  And that IT IS POSSIBLE.  As I said, if they made sets to 
> fit a dwarf hamster, then I would have tried with my spare H-tron! 
> That is how much I love my animals, and that is how much I care for 
> diabetics, human or animal.
> As for stories of children instead of adults, don't you remember Sara 
> saying that it sells???  It ain't kids that buy these pumps, they are 
> bought for them!  I love reading stories about kids on pumps too. 
> But that is JMO.   Thanks for reading this far if you haven't already 
> deleted it.     :>)
> George    :>)
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