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Re: [IP] Re: 50% of T1 med professionals use pumps


Turns out we have a copy on the web site in one of the FAQ's. Another 
member pointed it out to me. I knew I'd seen it somewhere.... 
duhhhh... ;-)


> Michael,
>        I know the study that you are referring to, I had a copy in
>        my files 
> for quite some time.  I have just done a quick look and can't seem
> to find it, I may have thrown it away quite recently.  (After all, I
> don't need convincing on the benefits of a pump!)
>        Claire has a Disetronic pump, which was purchased from Auto
>        Control 
>  Medical in Canada. I believe I received the copy of that study as
>  material from
> that company either in the enquiry stage, or when we received our
> pumps.  If nobody supplies you with the link to the study, I would
> be happy to write to Auto Control and enquire about the source. 
> They now sell the Animas here.  
>        Let me know in a couple of days if you want me to pursue it,
>        I would 
> be happy to do so.  
> Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
> <<A few years ago there was a study published that showed that 50%
> or more of T1 medical professionals used pumps. I'm trying to track
> it down. If anyone has a link, I'd appreciate it.
> Michael>>
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