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[IP] Re:Travel

Ive been pumping for 3 years on the 508 and fly
extensively.  I carry NO Drs notes, or
prescriptions...I dont put my site in an easy access
area....just the pump and whatever supplies in my
carry-on.  Before I enter the security arch, I always
mention that Im wearing an insulin pump.  

They nod and smile and if I alarm (I hardly ever do)
they do a wand check on me.  Its usually my medic
alert bracelet combined with the metal supports built
into my high heels (which I now always remove before
walking through) and my underwire bra (which I keep ON
as I see that as crossing the line in terms of what
Ill remove for airport security!)

I guess the pump is so much a part of me that I dont
treat it or myself much different when Im travelling
than when Im at home.  I just am sure NEVER to pack my
supplies in checked luggage as there is the
possibility that it could get lost.  I alway carry
them in my carry-on as well as my medications.

Happy trails!


Type 1 with insulin resistance
Low carb Life-style....now using 80% less insulin and
better BG control than ever!  AND 40lbs lighter :-)

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