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RE: [IP] Pumping Pooch

>I was impressed with someone's ability to afford an insulin pump
>for their pet, until I read that a rep from Animas was involved in the
>whole deal.  I can't help but think that the pump being used wasn't
>paid $5000 for.
>This might lead some to beleive that pump use is an affordable option for
>the treatment of diabetes in pets.
>While I love Animas, I find that their newsletters cater more to children
>with diabetes rather than adults.  I quickly skim them for information that
>might be pertinent to an ADULT WITH DIABETES, then toss it in the trash with
>a sigh.

Let's look at this logically, Brent.  Pumps DON'T cost $5,000, they 
cost whatever the insurance company negotiates it to.  Just because a 
Rep is involved doesn't mean that the pump is free or even discounted 
to whatever degree. Your skepticism seems to have put quite a slant 
on the article.  But the point of it isn't how much the pump costs, 
the point of it is that even a dog deserves a better diabetic life 
than MDI.  And that IT IS POSSIBLE.  As I said, if they made sets to 
fit a dwarf hamster, then I would have tried with my spare H-tron! 
That is how much I love my animals, and that is how much I care for 
diabetics, human or animal.

As for stories of children instead of adults, don't you remember Sara 
saying that it sells???  It ain't kids that buy these pumps, they are 
bought for them!  I love reading stories about kids on pumps too. 
But that is JMO.   Thanks for reading this far if you haven't already 
deleted it.     :>)

George    :>)
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