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[IP] Pump experiences/opinions

Hi, gang,

Someone asked for experiences with other pumps.

I have used several: Disetronic H-Tron (2000-2001); D-Tron (2001-2003) and 
now am on the Animas IR1000.

The Disetronic pumps are VERY reliable. In three years, none of mine EVER 
failed until my D-Tron Plus quit with the much-publicised piston-rod-sticking 
problem in July and my HMO recommended I switch to an Animas for free. I took 
them up on it, as I couldn't afford not to! Here are my observations:

While I loved the D-Tron Plus, there are some things about the Animas that I 
am getting used to:

Smaller size than the D-Tron
More economical on supplies, especially batteries. The #357/SR44 can be 
purchased online for about 45 cents each in lots of 50. The Animas uses 4 at a 
 change, and last 6-8 weeks and up, depending upon your daily dose requirements.
The D-Tron's single Battery Pack retails for $18 EACH and lasts 8-10 weeks.
Minimum Basal rate is 0.05u increments; D-Tron's is 0.1u. This would be good 
for those who are on very small dosage increments.
Menus are fairly easy to navigate and set up.
Backlight is a nice feature.
Customer Service has been excellent so far-knowledgeable and prompt, same as 
for Disetronic.
Animas is waterproof to IPX8 int'l. standards; the D-Tron is NOT, just 

So far, I am pleased with my Animas, now that I'm getting used to its menus 
and features. I don't know about the battery alarm because it hasn't gone off 
yet and I'm still on my FIRST set of batteries! 9/17 to now is 6 wks, 2 days 
and counting.

Thanks, and God Bless You,


Alexander N. Gerli
949 Hopmeadow St., Apt. 2
Simsbury, CT 06070
(860) 651-4041
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