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RE: [IP] Pumping Pooch

I was impressed with someone's ability to afford an insulin pump
for their pet, until I read that a rep from Animas was involved in the
whole deal.  I can't help but think that the pump being used wasn't
paid $5000 for.

This might lead some to beleive that pump use is an affordable option for
the treatment of diabetes in pets.

While I love Animas, I find that their newsletters cater more to children
with diabetes rather than adults.  I quickly skim them for information that
might be pertinent to an ADULT WITH DIABETES, then toss it in the trash with
a sigh.


--- margo2 <email @ redacted> wrote:
> George, I haven't received my newsletter and have inquired into it. If it
> doesn't come in the mail today I will call Animas. The standard form of
> treatment for diabetic dogs is NPH, which leaves a whole lot to be desired
> when it comes to controlling glucose. We have our dog on Lantus
> and are using Humulin 50/50 to cover his meals as the Humalog doesn't
> provide the needed length of coverage for a meal. Was there any way to get
> more information on this situation?
> I really would have liked to have obtained a Disetronic....you get TWO
> pumps.....:)
> Margo
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> Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 6:10 PM
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> Subject: [IP] Pumping Pooch
>  In the latest issue of Sweet Talk from Animas, there are a couple of
> pictures
> of Schultze, a
>  12 year old male schnauzer who was diagnosed with diabetes about 8 months
> ago.
> He is
>  cared for by his master, a veterinarian, whose son is a Rep for Animas. The
> dad
> wanted
>  Schultze to have a "humane" treatment for the diabetes and was familiar
> with
> the
>  problems of hypoglycemia using the standard NPH and regular insulins. So
> Schultzie is
>  wearing a pump on a harness and is keeping his Bg level 200 points lower on
> average and
> WITHOUT the hypoglycemic episodes.
>  For someone who has dealt with diabetic animals (animals with diabetes), I
> found this
>  story very touching. I wish that I had been on my Disetronic pumps when I
> was
> taking
>  care of my Great Dane. She might have gone on several more years AND with a
> much
>  better life. Pumps can mean a better life for ALL diabetics. Of course with
> the
> current
>  day styles of infusion sets, this would not have been possible for my
> diabetic
> dwarf
> hamster.    :>)
> George
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