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[IP] Re: lows at night

>>(Kerri\) posted:
Cindy - how about the type of "alarm" that hearing
impaired people use...they either shake the bed and/or
use a light. Worth a thought. Maybe that, coupled with
an annoying alarm, would make him get up. :)


I'll look into that.  And thanks for the info on the Glucowatch.  It 
sounds like a good tool to have for basal testing at night, among 
other things.

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me privately and through the list 
with suggestions on helping fix Noah's sleeping through alarms' 

Getting him to wake in the morning on his own will be a huge hurdle 
cleared, although it won't fix my biggest concern of him sleeping 
through lows.  As Artorius pointed out, when he's experiencing a 
severe low, he doesn't have the cognitive ability to hear and/or 
respond to an alarm.  I wish they made an alarm for diabetics that 
detects lows and then shakes the bed, sounds an alarm, and shines a 
light in your face!

Cindy, mom to 17 y/o Noah
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