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Re: [IP] Travel Questions

Hi Cathy!

I would advise not to unhook from your pump for security through airports.
Many of us have successfully navigated through airports with our pumps
happily pumping away.  At one airport I was asked to take my pump off and
have it x-rayed.  I overstated a bit and said that to take it off, would
kill me.  And, I truthfully added that if it was x-rayed, they would ruin a
$5,000 piece of medical equipment.  They then got a "sniffer" which looked
like a hemostat with a piece of cotton to determine if there were explosives
in my pump.  Most security people recognize insulin pumps and will wave you
right through though.

At the park, your behaviour might be mitigated by what pump you use.  My
Animas IR1000 is completely water proof.  So, I would have very little worry
about log flume rides.  You may want to check with your pump company as far
as roller coasters, flume rides, and bungee jumping are concerned.

Most of all have a good time!

PS.  I went to your web page and found it's design and easability to be
excellent. If I ran a corporation  that catered to people with Diabetes, I
would probably utilize your services -- it's that good!

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in
finishing an activity but in doing it.

Author Greg Anderson

> Hi Group,
> Need a little advice. I am traveling to Universal Studios next week to
> celebrate my dads 80th birthday. It is the first time I am flying since
> getting  my pump mid August. I have the letters from the doctor and
> prescriptions.
> 1) Can I wear the pump through the security system or should I a)
> disconnect or b) ask for a hand scan
> 2) Is there anything special that I need to do while I am in the park
> during the day (we will be in the park for 2 days) , i.e. anything to
> protect the pump from the sun/heat (other than place in my pocket).
> Any advice would be very appreciated.
> Cathy and Penelope
> DXd 1998 Pumping since 8/03
> Cathy D. Mann
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