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[IP] Pumping Pooch

 In the latest issue of Sweet Talk from Animas, there are a couple of pictures
of Schultze, a
 12 year old male schnauzer who was diagnosed with diabetes about 8 months ago.
He is
 cared for by his master, a veterinarian, whose son is a Rep for Animas. The dad
 Schultze to have a "humane" treatment for the diabetes and was familiar with
 problems of hypoglycemia using the standard NPH and regular insulins. So
Schultzie is
 wearing a pump on a harness and is keeping his Bg level 200 points lower on
average and
WITHOUT the hypoglycemic episodes.  

 For someone who has dealt with diabetic animals (animals with diabetes), I
found this
 story very touching. I wish that I had been on my Disetronic pumps when I was
 care of my Great Dane. She might have gone on several more years AND with a
 better life. Pumps can mean a better life for ALL diabetics. Of course with the
 day styles of infusion sets, this would not have been possible for my diabetic
hamster.    :>)  

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