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RE: [IP] Travel Questions

I have traveled recently on two occasions and the walk-thru scanner
never detected my pump (I have a MiniMed 511).  I felt no need to inform
the security personnel that I was any different than anyone else.  Be
aware of the daily highs in temperature because insulin begins to
denature above 86 degrees.  Keep your extra insulin in a cooled package
even while at the hotel because rooms can sometimes get hot during the
day without the room air conditioning on.  (I usually ask for and get a
refrigerator for free because I'm DIABETIC.)

I know this is 'treatment' related advice, but you will probably be more
active walking around the park than you usually are in daily life
(unless you have a pretty active job), so you may want to activate a
temporary basal that is lower than your normal.  Of course, this is an
individual thing, but I just wanted to mention it because I often go low
with this type of activity.  Also, the advice diabetics are always given
is to carry fast acting glucose with you.

I'm curious:  Are you going to Universal Studios HOLLYWOOD (outside LA)
or the one in Florida?

Antonio in Los Angeles
Age 37, Type 1 for 10 years
On MiniMed Paradigm 511, upgrading soon to the 512

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Hi Group,

Need a little advice. I am traveling to Universal Studios next week to
celebrate my dads 80th birthday. It is the first time I am flying since
getting  my pump mid August. I have the letters from the doctor and

1) Can I wear the pump through the security system or should I a)
disconnect or b) ask for a hand scan

2) Is there anything special that I need to do while I am in the park
during the day (we will be in the park for 2 days) , i.e. anything to
protect the pump from the sun/heat (other than place in my pocket). 

Any advice would be very appreciated.

Cathy and Penelope

DXd 1998 Pumping since 8/03

Cathy D. Mann
Creative Impressions, Inc.
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