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[IP] Re: lows at night

>>Denise Owens posted:
Cindy, What do you mean that the safe guard wears out? I've not heard 
of this. Please explain.<<


We probably all know about the body's natural ability to dump stress 
hormones during a severe nighttime low to protect diabetics from 
going into a coma or, worse yet, death.  I've read that mechanism 
can't be relied on to continue doing the job; that some long-term 
diabetics lose that safeguard over time.  I can't remember the 
scientific reason behind it, though.  Maybe neurological in nature 
similar to how hypoglycemia unawareness can be developed by having 
too many lows??  I'm guessing here.  Any others have additional info 
on this?

Cindy, mom to 17 y/o Noah
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