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Re: [IP] Travel Questions

 Each time I've flown I wear pants with pockets and have my pump in one. I do
try and make sure that I have the infusion site close to the waist band so that
if they should pick up on it I can show them in case of somebody who gets
weirded out.

 In my carry on are the insulin, extra pump, supples yada yada. I don't say a
thing, haven't had my bags hand checked in quite awhile (including Denver where
I ALWAYS get checked).

 My pump has never set off the alarms - so I figure why invite further scrutney
and slow down the lines? The way I see it if you are practically throwing your
diabetes stuff at them so "openly" then they are going to wonder what is she
trying to draw our attention away from. (but then again I have a warped mind

 So I'm of the "don't ask - don't tell - don't volunteer" - I just trudge
through behind the rest of the cattle.


Linda & Dax
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