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[IP] why i Like my Animas Pump

Not to start a pump war but since you ask:
Animas, I learned about this pump at a pump users get together before it was
released. At that time I had a 508 which made lots of clicking noises which
were annoying, especially in the operating room It was unnerving during
cauterization of small blood vessels to hear the pump clicking and have the
scrub nurse say, your're clicking again or is that the interrupter in the
bipolar? frankly I couldn't tell untill I saw smoke rising Then I would say
when ya see smoke, its gotta be fire.  True the animas does whir a bit but it
doesn't click. With sensitive diabetics it holds plenty insulin, 300 units. it
is virtually indestructable. the belt clip has been improved recently. The
remaining cartridge insulin can alarm at two amounts. replacing the batteries
is something that you need to doonly one every 8 weeks or so. If you do it
before there is an alarm it is not as annoying as if you try to replace them
in a screaming pump. on the 7th cartridge I put a band of white tape around it
when I take that one out to put the 8th one in I change the batteries. I agree
with Laura, hte screen is hard to see and I use the back light for that too.
using  considering the future plans of the glucose sensor, there will be
enough board and screen real estate to do that right., spot
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