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[IP] Glucowatch and Sleep Sentry

Yep! We got one the end of May. Shannon says it doesn't
hurt, just tingles sometimes, and it usually doesn't
leave much of a mark afterwards (if it does, it goes
away within a few days). You can use it every night but
on a smaller child you'd probably run out of surface
area to use it (can't reuse sites if they have marks,
until they heal). We don't use it every night (we got
it more for basal/pattern testing) but as it turns out,
tend to use it more at night than any other time. The
nights we have used it specifically for hypoglycemia
testing, it has worked exactly as it is supposed to.
Early one morning, it started alarming persistently
because of a downward trend in bgs and persistent
lows...Shannon's sister kept telling her to get up and
check her bgs and turn the alarm off. She wouldn't get
up (typical of her - she likes her sleep)...so her
sister came and got me. She said the GW was saying
Shannon was 61, and could I please shut the darn thing
off. LOL. So I checked her with her meter and it, too,
said she was 61. I treated her and that was the end of
that. Other times, we have seen patterns where she
drops at a certain time of night and stays low for much
of the night...so we have made basal changes to prevent
that. We've also seen great illustrations of
postprandial bgs which gives us an idea of how her
ratios are working. It is pretty easy to use once you
get through the learning curve (first couple of times.)
We haven't had a lot of problems with it (the ones
we've had were minor and were our own fault - stuff
like in the beginning, thinking we had done the first
calibration but we hadn't, because we did it wrong).
Skipping due to bumping/perspiring/moving around has
not been a problem for us...we try to carefully plan
when we will use it and that helps a lot. For Shannon,
persistent skipping has more often than not, been due
to a sharp change in bgs. We don't let it skip more
than a few times in a row...if it does we recalibrate.
It reads 6 times an hour (78 times in 13hrs) so if it
skips 6 times in a row you've lost an entire hour of
data (after 18? consecutive skips it will shut off).
We've been very happy with the information we've gotten
from it (typically getting anywhere from 60-something
to 78 readings in 13hrs each time, average is 55-60).
If you have any other questions, please ask.

Now, that said, have you checked into the Sleep Sentry
(Diabetes Mall paper catalog has it cheaper [$295] than
the mfr price of $389)? http://www.sleepsentry.com/  It
checks for low skin temp and sweating, which are
associated with hypos, and will sound an alarm if
either is detected. It detects hypos 90% of the time
but it has a lot of false positives too. Just another

Take care, Kerri, mom of Shannon-13 (dx 11/96, pumping
HTron 11/99, pumping Cozmo 8/03) and her 7 siblings :)

Cindy said:
I will definitely consider the Glucowatch.  Does anyone
out there use
one?  Is it comfortable, non-invasive?  Is it
appropriate for every
night use?  Does it really detect lows and sound an
alarm to wake
you?  How easy is it to use?  Any other comments about
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