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[IP] Re: lows at night

we bought a clock designed for Deaf people for our daughter who could sleep
through a smoke alarm (a concern for us)  it vibrates,a dn clips to a
pocket, etc  it might work if you thought he would actually heed it and
get/wake up LOL
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> Hi Tom,
> I wouldn't have any problem with him losing sleep but we haven't been
> able to find an alarm clock that is loud enough to wake him.  If it
> sits beside his bed, he reaches over and turns it off without waking
> up.  If it sits where he has to get out of bed, he just sleeps right
> through it.  We've let it ring for 15 minutes at a time before one of
> us...my husband, my other son, or I...finally turns it off.  If he
> didn't have mom and dad as a back-up to his alarm clock, he'd
> probably adjust to hearing and waking to its alarm.  At least that's
> what we're hoping for since he starts college next fall!
> Cindy, mom to 17 y/o Noah
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