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[IP] Re: lows at night

>>Joel Goodman posted:
I have been told that this low at night can be caused by having too many
lows recently.  I arranged my diet, insulin, etc. to avoid lows for
about a week.  I simply tried to keep my blood sugar at about 150-200.
After about a week I went back to my usual plan (carbos, insulin,
exercise, etc.) and -- lo! And behold! I went low at night but woke up
each time with the usual symptoms.  Joel<<

Hi Joel,

I know that having a lot of lows can bring on a cycle of lows but 
Noah has very few lows so I can rule that out.  It's just nocturnal 
lows that go undetected...day time lows he recognizes.  He's always 
been a heavy/deep sleeper.  We haven't been able to find an alarm 
clock yet that is loud enough to wake him.  We've gone as far as 
letting it ring for 15 minutes straight in the mornings and finally 
someone else turns it off because it drives the rest of the family 
crazy!  If anyone has a recommendation for an extremely LOUD alarm 
clock, please share!


Cindy, mom to 17 y/o Noah
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