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[IP] readability of meters

I recently got an UltraSmart meter (a freebie from Animas, 
incidentally), and thought it would be easier to see than the Ultra 
because it had a backlight.  Except in pitch dark, not so, at least for 
me -- not even in low light conditions (with nearsighted eyes damaged 
by retinopathy and cataract).  I find it almost impossible to read 
indoors without the backlight, and, even with the backlight, I find the 
time on the current test and any test results in the history to be very 
difficult to read.  My old Ultra, having bigger numbers and a lighter 
background to the screen, is much easier to read.  I did not perceive 
this difference when I looked at the UltraSmart under the fluorescent 
lights of the product fair I attended.

Anyone have any comments about readability of the new Freestyle Flash?

Linda Z
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