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[IP] Re: lows at night

>>email @ redacted posted:
Cindy, how do you know he doesn't wake up at night? Have you always woke him
up at night? Maybe he has never had the chance to 'feel' the low himself. Does
he feel a 'low' during the day? I've been diabetic since 5 and am now 43, I
still wake up if I have an occasional low at night,  I don't think my parents
ever woke me up at night, but of course that was way before glucose testing!

I've tested him and found him in the 30's sound asleep with clammy, 
sweaty skin and had to wake him to treat his low.  There have also 
been mornings that his bg has been in the 300s when he was in normal 
range at 2:00 a.m. and he has had nightmares (a symptom of somogyi 
effect).  I can't be absolutely sure that he had a rebound but am 
relatively certain that some of times that is what has happened.  He 
does feel his lows during the day, usually before they get below 55. 
He doesn't have many lows so I don't think he's experiencing 

Cindy, mom to 17 y/o Noah
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