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[IP] Re: Pump likes and dislikes

 I have a Paradigm 511 and favor it over the other pumps because of the small
size. It's easy to hide under clothes, clip onto the side of my bra, etc. Prior
to that I had the MM 506 followed by the 507C. In 10 years of pumping, I've only
had to have two pumps replaced (once with my 506 and once with my 511 after
wearing it snorkeling for two weeks - before the waterproof problem was
identified). Both times I found MM's customer service to be perfectly fine. At
first I found filling the reservoir with the Paradigm to be a little more
complicated than with the previous MM models, but now I think it's easy. I agree
that I'm much less likely to get air bubbles with the new system. I also like
the menu system of the 511 better than with the earlier Minimeds. The smaller
reservoir isn't an issue for me since I only use about 30 units a day, and I
change out my set and reservoir every 3 days. The thing I don't like about the
511 is that the low reservoir alarms are preset to go off!
  at 30
  units, 20 and 10. Since I go a whole 24 hours with 30 units, that means I have
the alarms bugging me for an entire day. They're quiet and not a big deal, but
it's still kind of a nuisance. I understand that the 512 allows you to specify
the level to set the alarms at so you can avoid that problem. I'm probably going
to upgrade to the 512 next year since it's features sound really helpful. Pam
dx'd 1989, pumping 10 years

<For those of your with Animas, Deltec, Nipro and MiniMed Paradigm can
you help me? What do you like best and least about the pump and
manufacturer? Have you had any consistent issues which have required
replacing the pump (multiple times)? How is the technical support?>
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