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Re: [IP] How to deal with Minimed?

You can probably just upgrade for a mere $450.
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Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 1:52 PM
Subject: [IP] How to deal with Minimed?

> I am looking for advice. (Off-list if you could) About how best to deal
> with Minimed.
> My problem with them is this, I am new to pumping but have been type 1
> for 10 years now. I am insulin-resistant using about 80-100 units a
> day. I told minimed this when I signed up expecting to get the 508.
> We'll they sent me the 511 in July. (OK, I thought I'll just learn to
> live with changing the res. every day. Plus I could use it swimming)
> Well, a couple of things have changed. First, I find out that the 512
> was shipped just a week later than my pump. Second, I find out the pump
> is no longer waterproof.
> Well, after those two I wrote the company that I was displeased about
> having to change reservoirs every day, getting a pump that they were
> just trying to reduce inventory but charging full price for, and
> finally not being able dunk the meter while out fishing/swimming.
> Two WEEKS ago, I talked to a Minimed rep (Alfredo) about my letter. I
> *asked* if I could get a pump with a larger res. he said no. I asked
> there were plans for a paradigm with a larger res. he said no. All he
> could do was offer the 512 upgrade for half price. I declined because
> I'd still be stuck with the same problems. And I really don't have the
> money to go chasing after every upgrade.
> Now this is what makes me MAD. Today, only two weeks later I find out
> about the 712, which is what I was after from the beginning. But, they
> said Didn't exist. I would have been more than happy to have kept
> taking shots until it was released. My question is this, Is it really
> worth fighting this? Or, would it be better to keep my mouth shut, live
> with what I got, and chalk it up to a learning experience? Like Minimed
> seems to be pointing me.
> Sorry, I had to vent somewhere. But, some advice would be helpful.
> Thanks,
> email @ redacted
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