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RE: [IP] RE: Other pump experiences?

I've been a subscriber to this Maillist for about a week now and I have
not yet seen anything about a "bolus wizard" from Cozmo.  For one thing,
I thought the term, "Bolus Wizard", was a MiniMed term.  Can someone
enlighten me?

I'm not getting defensive of my position, but instead of just dismissing
what a previous responder has said in response to a legitimate question,
why not post something helpful and explain what there is that YOU like
(and don't like) about your pump, so that the person asking can make an
informed decision?

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hmmm....just a few days ago, we nearly had a pump war (just kidding)
the bolus wizard on the Cozmo vs the MM Paradigm.......as you decide
who/shat to choose, these different pumps have different criteria for
the bolus works, and whichever you choose, a bolus wizard can be used to
figure things with 'on board' insulin

my Cozmo holds 300 units


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> I just went from a MiniMed 508 to the Paradigm 511 and I like it
> for several reasons.  The main one is that the reservoirs are easier
> fill without bubbles.  Also, I believe MiniMed is the only company
> has incorporated a "Bolus Wizard" technology into it's pumps -- in the
> Paradigm 512.  Also, if you need extra volume, the 712 was just
> released.
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