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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #619

On Thursday, October 30, 2003, email @ redacted t wrote:

> email @ redacted writes:
> <<When missed, his liver has dumped the hormone
> <<to protect him from passing out or worse!  I've read that
> <<that safe-guard mechanism wears out after several years.
> Cindy I have had this happen my whole life , and that is 56 years of D 
> in Dec
YMMV, or course.  My rebound mechanism had stopped working at all that 
I could perceive by the time I'd been diabetic 40 years, but had mostly 
worked just fine all through my childhood, and almost as well during my 
adolescence and young adulthood.   So not my whole life, but a lot more 
than several years.

I used an alarm to wake myself up for a middle of the night test for 
many years.  Now, at age 57, I seem to wake up enough during the night 
that I don't bother to set the alarm any more, unless there is some 
special reason (a full day's hiking, for instance) that I might be 
likely to not wake up and also am at particular risk of lows.  I am 
somewhat less careful about possible highs.  My meter is right next to 
the bed; I usually sit up but occasionally don't even do that -- the 
less I move and the less light, the quicker I get back to sleep, I 
find.  I have trained myself so well to test whenever I wake up during 
the night that I occasionally have periods when I am not sleeping well 
that I find myself testing again just a few minutes after a test. (The 
meter is sitting on my log, where I write the result, so if I have 
actually sat up, I USUALLY see that I just tested <gr.>).

Linda Z
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