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[IP] Re: Need help with bolus for high fat meal

did you read the book that came with your pump, outlining exactly what the
options are for the Cozmo and these different boluses?

Also, I would suggest reading the archives, esp for 'pizza' or 'extended'
because, since I joined a few months? ago, that topic has come up more than
once <smile>

I have tried the combo on my Cozmo, and took 75% now and then the other 25%
extended about 4 hrs, as an experiment....the BG was normal in 2 hrs, but 6
hrs later was back up......my suggestion, be cautious, do an experiment with
the same food, measured quantities and then test, test test to see what
happens in YOUR body!!!

this way, you can find out what YOUR body does with THAT meal...for me,
Pizza is not worth eating for eve meals, as I wake up at 3 am with it HIGH,
but for lunch, I can get it back down with a combo/extended bolus

and in all things diabeasties, remember YMWV (your mileage WILL vary)


----- Original Message ----- 

> Hello all!
>  I am having trouble finding specific information on how to bolus for high
> meals. For example, if I want to have refried beans and a green corn
tamale, my
> blood sugar is sky high for up to 4 hours after.
>  I have a Deltec Cozmo and have the ability to use both the extended or
> combination bolus but don't really know how to start.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks!
> Tamera
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