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[IP] RE: Other pump experiences?

hmmm....just a few days ago, we nearly had a pump war (just kidding) over
the bolus wizard on the Cozmo vs the MM Paradigm.......as you decide
who/shat to choose, these different pumps have different criteria for how
the bolus works, and whichever you choose, a bolus wizard can be used to
figure things with 'on board' insulin

my Cozmo holds 300 units


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> I just went from a MiniMed 508 to the Paradigm 511 and I like it better
> for several reasons.  The main one is that the reservoirs are easier to
> fill without bubbles.  Also, I believe MiniMed is the only company that
> has incorporated a "Bolus Wizard" technology into it's pumps -- in the
> Paradigm 512.  Also, if you need extra volume, the 712 was just
> released.
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