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[IP] Re: Intrusive Questions About Diabetes Prohibited

Interesting article, and I'm glad to hear of this policy!  However, it 
would have been nice if whoever offered the "cake" example could have 
explained that eating a piece of cake will not cause anyone with diabetes 
to "lapse into a coma" -- this just feeds the old "sugar is poison and will 
kill a diabetic on the spot" myth.  (A better example would have been 
forbidding the daycare owner to question a teacher on skipping a meal).

Also, if a worker with diabetes "sweats and trembles" on the job, chances 
are "what is wrong" is low blood sugar!  I don't know why a "medical exam" 
should be required as a result of this (unless you consider a bg test 
followed by glucose tabs to be a "medical exam").

Oh well...

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