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[IP] BD Logic E-3 error

Regarding the problems many people here have had with numerous E-3 messages 
on the BD Logic meter:  I've had the meter for several months now and had 
not had this problem until last night.  The only time I would get E-3 
messages was when I wasn't careful enough adding blood and didn't 
completely fill the strip without pausing.  It would be nice if the meter 
were a little more flexible in this regard, but at least it's an 
identifiable problem that can be avoided.

Anyway, last night, things seemed to go haywire and I started getting E-3 
messages almost every time I tried to test. I thought it might have been a 
bad vial of strips and tried testing with strips from a new box, and still 
got the E-3 message.  Then after several tries, the low battery symbol 
started appearing.  So I changed the battery, and that seemed to solve the 
problem.  So it appears the BD meter doesn't work well on a low battery!  I 
don't consider this to be acceptable -- a meter shouldn't cease to function 
properly just because its battery is low.  (it should either work correctly 
or not work at all if there is not enough power to perform a test).  But, 
at least it's something I can work around -- I just need to make sure I 
have a spare meter battery with me at all times (I put one in my little bag 
of diabetes/pump supplies that I keep in my purse).

Anyway, those of you who got BD meters from Minimed and had this problem as 
soon as you opened it -- I wonder if the meter was shipped with a low 
battery?  (Perhaps the battery was low even if the symbol wasn't appearing 
on the screen).  Just a thought.  This meter does seem to have its 
quirks!  I'm going to stay with it for now, but if it starts doing very 
many more strange things I may have to go back to the Ultra....

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