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RE: [IP] lows at night

I got told the same. Basically the idea is that if sensitivity to lows in
generla, i.e. night and day, is very poor then control might just have
been to tight and too many lows occured. So the body got used to it and
the usual symptoms of lows are gone. They recommended that the bg to aim
for should be set slightly higher for a while and the symptoms should
start reoccuring.
Of course this does not help when it is only a night problem. If you
think the risk of lows during night is too high you can always lower the
basal or eat something longer lasting (like chocolate) before going to
bed. another idea might be to aim for a higher bg at bedtime (I usually
do that after sport: 150 instead of 120, compared to 100 during the day).

>From: "Joel Goodman"
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>Subject: RE: [IP] lows at night
>Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 15:27:58 -0800
>I have been to! ld that this low at night can be caused by having too
>lows recently. I arranged my diet, insulin, etc. to avoid lows for
>about a week. I simply tried to keep my blood sugar at about 150-200.
>After about a week I went back to my usual plan (carbos, insulin,
>exercise, etc.) and -- lo! And behold! I went low at night but woke up
>each time with the usual symptoms. Joel
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> > > Does anyone else in this group NOT wak! e up when you go low at
> > >
> > > < BR>> >
> > I do not wake up when I go low. It has been caught on CGMS,
> > but never by me.
> > Since I have a grandson who is 12, I must be older than 14 --
> > your doc may be
> > giving you incorrect information. LOL
> >
> > Jan and ElvisToo
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