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RE: [IP] Other pump experiences?

> I am on the MiniMed 508 and my warranty has just expired. I want to
> get a new pump, but I haven't decided which version. MiniMed's 508
> (and from what I've heard, Paradigm) has "minor" issues with
> electrostatic discharge. Since I collect static electricity it's
> become a big issue for me....
> For those of your with Animas, Deltec, Nipro and MiniMed Paradigm can
> you help me? What do you like best and least about the pump and
> manufacturer? Have you had any consistent issues which have required
> replacing the pump (multiple times)? How is the technical support?
> My doctors' only know MiniMed and one of the CDEs in their office is
> MiniMed trained. I cannot get much information from competitors from
> them.

 I think it's time your Docs and CDEs learned something new! Mine learned the
 H-tron five years ago, now they've learned the Animas IR-1000. What do I like
 Animas? I like that the people are genuinely interested in you as a diabetic,
not you as a
 customer. I am treated with respect and they listen to my concerns and even
call and
 write me for my advice. I like it that I feel in control of the situation
rather than having to
 follow what someone else says I should be doing. As my Endo says "you are
you're own
 best doctor, you know what is best for you!" If I don't get that kind of
respect from a
company, then I won't do business with them.

 What do I like best? The "thinnest" pump made. No static problems, no "short
 cartridges, fast response to any calls. I only replaced the pump once. That
 overnight when I told them of it "resetting" the time. They would not let me
keep that
 pump, they INSISTED that they replace it. What do I dislike? The alarms on the
first IR-
 1000 version were excessive. They have now completely redone those and it isn't
bother it used to be.   They LISTEN to their customers!

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