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[IP] Re: lows at night

I've been diabetic (type 1) for 36 years, and until I had the pump, I
would go through very severe periods of night time lows - and NOT
wake up myself.  My wife would notice I was convulsing, and notice I
was severely low.  

Now that I'm on the pump, the job stress does cause my basal to shift
around abit, and I finally came to the conclusion that until I can
obtain an automatic BG monitor (internal sensor type doesn't count in 
my book), I will set an alarm, and get up most nites to check BG 2-3am.
Then I can make sure the basal is right between bedtime & then, and til
morning (I have the dawn phenomenon).  I usually have no problem doing 
that, catching lows sometimes, and going right back to sleep.  Now severe 
night-time hypos are very rare, and when they do happen, it was almost 
always due to the tail end of some active insulin when I went to bed (or 
some high BG corrective insulin at bedtime that happened to be too much).   
If I have business trips, I am doubly careful, since I'm alone.  I do envy 
those who have stable basals :)

But back to the subject of waking up during a hypo...  Sometimes I do,
but that is no rule.


Kevin WB0DPN
email @ redacted
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