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RE: [IP] Other pump experiences?

I just went from a MiniMed 508 to the Paradigm 511 and I like it better
for several reasons.  The main one is that the reservoirs are easier to
fill without bubbles.  Also, I believe MiniMed is the only company that
has incorporated a "Bolus Wizard" technology into it's pumps -- in the
Paradigm 512.  Also, if you need extra volume, the 712 was just

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I am on the MiniMed 508 and my warranty has just expired. I want to get
a new pump, but I haven't decided which version. MiniMed's 508 (and from
what I've heard, Paradigm) has "minor" issues with electrostatic
discharge. Since I collect static electricity it's become a big issue
for me....

For those of your with Animas, Deltec, Nipro and MiniMed Paradigm can
you help me? What do you like best and least about the pump and
manufacturer? Have you had any consistent issues which have required
replacing the pump (multiple times)? How is the technical support?

My doctors' only know MiniMed and one of the CDEs in their office is
MiniMed trained. I cannot get much information from competitors from

Thank you!
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