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[IP] RE: Paradigm Priming question


I just wanted to first say thanks for all the comments on my original

I did call MM and they too recommended to exchange it.  The one thing they
did say is like I suspected the priming system is not 'related' to the
delivery so I was not at risk but either way they insisted to exchange it
for one that could prime correctly.

The funny or not so funny thing is that I did 3 experiments where it
happened (hence my posting and my call to MM.)  After I received the new
pump, I tried twice to reproduce what I saw in the old pump with the
previous 3 and I was not able to do it.  You can still see it in the priming
memory that it kept running and running so when I return it they should be
able to see that it did happened. - Oh Well.

Same thing happened with my Ultra Smart.  I had all sorts of problems with
it having to reset.  As soon as I got the replacement, it has not occurred
again.  I keep using the old one since it has the memory with all my

I said to my partner: "I think they are just scared to go to the
electronics' grave and they wise up when they see their replacement has
arrived ;o)

Hope everyone's BG Readings are in range!!!
Dx'd T1 2-11-'02 Pumping since 06-'02
A week or so ago I wrote:

<<Snip>> ...I am having some problems when priming.  After I completely
rewind and put in a new reservoir and start priming, it seems like the
"piston" is not recognizing that the barrel is there and it keeps pushing
trying to find the bottom of the barrel.  The first time I got insulin
flying everywhere and ~60u where wasted by the time I realize what was
happening.  I am not able to just stop it because it never gets to the part
where it starts tracking how much insulin it delivers in order for you to
hit the escape button.  If you escape before it starts counting it just
rewinds all over again.    

I have found a way around it by pinching the tubing (providing the
resistance it needs in the insulin flow) until it recognizes it and then I
can escape.  I am going to experiment with another batch of reservoirs (I
just got a new shipment) to see if it is the reservoirs or if it is the
pump.  I hope it is not the pump because I really do not want to have to
send it back for a new one.

I just want to know if any of the Paradigm users had this happen to them.
<< Snip >>
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